Apply for / Renew a card

Before you do anything…

  • Make sure that you want one!
    • Browse our provider section or refer to the site that sent you here – it’s not a pre-requisite to have a card for venues but an easier option for you – if you want one.
    • Read our FAQ’s
  • Make sure you read our Guidance Notes on what we’re looking for in your Card Application
  • Make sure you read the Access Card terms and conditions
  • Get any supporting evidence together
    • (if you’re applying on-line have scanned documents in a folder ready to upload). We also welcome decent quality digital photos.
    • (If you’re going to be posting information out ensure your name is on all papers)
  • If you need a form to give to your GP or other professional for supporting evidence download it: additional evidence
  • If you’re paying by Card on-line have your card to hand
    • You can pay securely by card via PayPal at the end of the form. a PayPal account is not required
  • If you want to apply via a paper form you can download it: Card Application paper or request for one to be sent out to you
  • If you want to apply over the phone call 0330 808 5108
  • Want us to get in touch with you to go through your application? Request a callback
  • If you want to apply in any other format please get in touch with us so we can work to meet your needs

Application Form

This form does not have a save function

You will need to see the form through to the end. If you are unable to complete it all in one sitting please make sure that you submit what you can complete and we will get in touch to help you finish the application off.

Once you hit submit you are taken to a PayPal page to complete payment. Please only press the submit button once

The cost of the Card is £15 for 3 years. If you have a special offer code you will be prompted to enter it at the end of the form.

click here to start your application
Click here to start your application