How to: link your Access Card to the Ticketfactory

Here is a quick update for new cardholders wanting to use their Access Card with the Ticket Factory website and get started buying tickets online.

With your Access Card, you can register for an online account, once you have registered you will then be able to book tickets online at selected events and venues. At the moment the online accessible tickets on sale at this website are for shows at The Barclaycard Arena, The Genting Arena, and The NEC.

Here is a step by step guide on how to set your account up and how to activate your Access Card with the online system. NB if you need more than 1 essential companion you will still need to make contact with the booking team on 0800 640 5001

Step One

From the main page, click the register button at the top.


Visit the website:
From there, fill in the online form with your details, don’t panic there will be a separate section for your to add your Access Card once you have an account set-up, for now just fill in your personal information.

Step Two

Once you have registered for an account, go to the Login section and click LOGIN, you can also do this using Facebook if that is easier.

When you’re in click on your name at the top of the page and you will be taken to the following page.

Step Three

From the login screen, head to the bottom of the page and click the Credability tab.

Once you have logged in, from there head to the CREDABILITY tab, which appears at the bottom of the list to the left-hand side.

Step Four

Fill in your Access Card information, you just need the 4 digit number on your card and your name.

Once you have selected the CREDABILITY tab you can then enter your unique four digit Access Card number and your name into the selected boxes, once you have completed this your account will then be active

Important note – you only need to enter the numbers on your card – ignore the’#’ and any letters

You will need to log out and back in before buying tickets.

That's it! just make sure to log out and log back in before you go booking tickets.


Step 5

Get Tickets


From here you have now unlocked the ability to view and book accessible tickets for the shows that allow for it. Just find your show and select your seating type just like you would without the need for access

Step 6

That’s it! Enjoy the show!

You are now linked to the Ticket Factory, you can now order your tickets online at selected events, it’s as simple as that!

We hope this guide has helped you and we hope you get to experience loads of accessible events!

Have Fun!
The Access Card Team.