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FND Awareness Day 2021

“Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder (FND) is thought to occur in 14-22 cases per 100,000 people.” – National Organisation for Rare Disorders -beb Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder (FND) Awareness Day is a day in which people come together to raise awareness and share information about the condition and provide support for others. – FND and the […]

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World Down’s Syndrome Day 2021

“Around one in every 1000 babies born in the UK will have Down’s syndrome.” – The Down’s Syndrome Association – World Down’s Syndrome Day 2021 is a day in which people come together to not only raise awareness about the condition but to also raise awareness around accessibility for people with Down’s Syndrome in society. […]

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Live events fill calendars across the UK this summer

The ticket race is on for those summer-sizzlers – It’s the 3 little words we’ve been waiting to hear: Book.Tickets.Now! As the UK continues to work together to lift lockdown restrictions by June, festival-favourites have already been organised for a summer to remember. Access Card Holders can use their Access Cards to book accessible tickets […]

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Sign Language Week 2021

“British Sign Language (BSL) is the preferred language of over 87,000 Deaf people in the UK” – British Deaf Association – This year marks 18 years since BSL was officially recognised as an official language by the UK Government (18th March 2003). Sign Language Week is a week in which people come together to raise […]

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University Mental Health Day 2021

“Over a quarter of UK students (37%) are experiencing their state of mental wellbeing changing for the worse since starting higher education.” – Randstad Solutions Ltd – It is safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a large impact on our Mental Health & for university students the lockdowns have brought about additional […]

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Happy Mother’s Day 🌼

Does your mother know that you’re out… planning their barrier-free adventures  – However you celebrate Mother’s Day, treat your loved one to an Access Card Gift Certificate. The Access Card Gift Certificate is a unique gift that now enables you to pre-pay for an Access Card on behalf of a loved one and surprise them […]

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World Hearing Day 2021

Over ‘466 million people’ have a hearing impairment of some kind, worldwide. – The World Health Organisation – World Hearing Day is a day in which people come together to raise awareness around different hearing impairments. People may choose to share their experiences of living with a hearing impairment and offer advice & support to […]

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Alton Towers Reopens 2021!

The well-loved attraction will open its doors to the public in April this year. – We are so excited to hear that Alton Towers will be reopening its gates for a season full of entertainment, thrills & joy in April this year. The news has already brought music to many people’s ears, as it’s a […]

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Wear Red Day: 26th February 2021

“One in every 133 babies in the UK is born with a heart condition – over 5,000 babies per year.” – The Children’s Heart Foundation – Today is Wear Red Day; a day in which people come together to raise awareness of congenital heart disease. – What is Congenital Heart Disease? “Congenital heart disease means […]