Belper Fringe


"Belper Fringe is an arts festival taking place throughout May including music for all tastes, arts and crafts, drama and literature.Events will take place in various venues around Belper and we hope to make as many venues as possible accessible to all."
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Access Card Notes

Belper Fringe is fully committed to being an accessible venue for all of our audiences, and is committed to reducing barriers to access the arts and creativity for those who may need more support or assistance when attending an event. Patrons are encouraged to mention accessibility requirements when booking tickets – we are flexible and will do our best to meet all requirements. Our chosen charity for this year is Sight Support Derbyshire, they will be present at many of the events and we are working with event organisers to allow people with vision impairment to enter events early to feel scenery on stage, touch musical instruments, etc, to get a mental image of what is happening on stage.

Contact details

Belper Fringe 121 Belper Lane, Belper, Derbyshire, East Midlands, DE56 2UH
Phone: 07970 625554