Big Love Festival


Big Love is a small, independent, three-day festival with a DIY attitude. We’re 100% homemade by the best crews, bands and DJs from Cardiff and Bristol. Collectively we’ve put on some fairly legendary parties and, together, our ambition is to put on a weekend packed with great live music, warehouse parties, woodland discos, street food and lazy down-time, with a 1000 like-minded souls. Although a lot of us have been involved with the likes of Bestival and Boomtown, we’re a world away from the vibe of a large festival – Big Love is small in capacity but big on atmosphere, community and shared good times. There’s zero sponsorship, no corporate backers, no trustafarians, and no external funding – and any profits are ploughed back in to the event. You could say it’s a bit of a labour of (big) love. We’re creating a local festival that’s easy-on-the-pocket, with loads of different accommodation options: hotel rooms, bell tents, beautiful gypsy caravans, and a traditional campsite just like a holiday camp but with much better entertainment! We’ve got facilities such as a sauna, showers, swimming pool and proper toilets at no extra cost and great food and drinks at pub prices. The action is set in and around a huge country mansion with outdoor stage, woodland disco and lazy cocktail lounge in the day. In the evening we move indoors to the warehouse, social club and music room with campfires roaring all night – the music finishes at 5am indoors. Baskerville Hall has previously hosted the likes of Fantazia, Big Chill, Green Man and Boomtown’s predecessor, and is now the home to Big Love! We hope you’ll join us to experience our magical weekend escape. The Big Love team.
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Access Card Notes

Access Card Accepted as proof of disability.

Contact details

Big Love Festival Baskerville Hall, Clyro, Near Hay-On-Wye, Wales, HR3 5LE

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
Three of the five stages are inside the hotel, and the fourth is on the flat lawn directly outside, plus one in the woods. There are several entrances to the hotel, all of which are step-free.

Short Distances

Short distance
The main camping fields are located a couple of hundred metres from the hotel building where the majority of facilities – including accessible toilets – are to be found. Please note, the camping fields are fields not lawns, so they are pretty bumpy and uneven.

The shortest route from the campsites to the lawn and hotel is via a path with about 12 stone steps (approximately 50m). The alternative step-free route is a gently sloping gravel lane, approximately 160m in total.

If you feel this is unsuitable for you, we are happy to set aside a space on the lawn, behind the big top and outdoor stage, for you to camp in. The ground here is flat, and only about 20 metres from the hotel’s side entrance.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
The hotel contains bars, a restaurant and a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
Access Card holders with a '+1' on their card are entitled to take an essential companion with them free of charge.