Black & White Coffee Cartel


"In 2011 large parts of Christchurch city were tragically flattened by an earthquake. In just a few seconds, many people’s lives were changed forever. A few years passed, buildings were pulled down, the ground was cleared for a new Christchurch. In 2014, Bink Bowler, our founder, arrived in Christchurch with a vision to build a new series of “coffee shops” for a new city. Like everything in the city, they would keep the idea of ‘the future’ in mind. Luke Bowler, brother to Bink and Reuben Thorne, Canterbury’s son got involved and in late 2014 the first Black & White Coffee Cartel began to build. In February 2015 it opened at 83 Victoria St in the City. The store opened loud and proud, immediately becoming iconic & loved by the people of Christchurch. It was among the first of the notable new cafes to grace Christchurch, kicking off a new café culture for a new city. It was and still is “just for the people that come here”. We do not operate the traditional New Zealand model where we have a closed off, a centralized roastery that supplies our stores. Instead, we take a hands-on approach. Each full café has an onsite coffee roaster, meaning that the coffee that is brewed in each store is roasted in that store, in full view of you. Small batch roasting has many benefits. Our stores have cut a key middleman out, what ends up in the cup is higher quality and of course, the guest experience is truly authentic, from raw to roasted under one roof. What we are doing is not new. The European’s have been operating like this for years. We have simply implemented it here bringing a richer experience into our cafes."
  • Creadble provider: NO
  • Creadble access: NO
  • Creadble employer: NO

Access Card Notes

At Black & White Coffee Cartel we want all our customers to feel welcome and receive excellent service. We realise that our disabled customers face some barriers that we can help them overcome. Your server will have specific training around those barriers and what they can proactively do to make a difference. We also realise that having a disability often means extra living expenses, and not being so flush with cash. So that is why we will give you 20% off your hot drink and if your card has a +1 symbol that goes for your companion too! Oh and there is no surcharge on public holidays. How sweet is that!.

Contact details

Black & White Coffee Cartel 45 Merron Street, Christchurch - West, Canterbury, New Zealand,
Phone: 01234 567890

Standing and Queueing

Who likes queuing, but for those who find this an actual problem then we are happy to come to you to take your order. Just make sure we know that you are there.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
All our stores have wheelchair access and some have disabled parking bays nearby. Each store varies as to layout so check out the webpage for a particular store to see the accessibility. Staff will always be happy to assist you in navigating around the store, just give them a moment if we are flat tack.

Short Distances

Short distance
Our stores are all located within a short walk from the carpark, and on the webpage for each store it will tell you where the nearest bus
stop is located.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
Our stores have at least one single, unisex, disabled customer toilet. It may not be available at short notice due to use by another

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs
We love dogs, and have water bowls available, and even free dog friendly treats. Registered assistance dogs are welcome inside all stores. Our stores are in a variety of locations, mostly urban so there are limited grassy spaces nearby.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
We appreciate that not everyone in your group is wanting to purchase a drink, or something to eat. We are good with that, we think
they will crack when they see the cabinet and smell those wonderful aromas, but if they have the will power then that’s all good with us.

Accessing Visual Information

Accessing Visual Information
Our drinks and food menus are written, and so is the description of the items in the cabinet. However, your server is more than happy to assist in explaining what we can offer, and they know you may need just a bit of extra time to decide what you want. Remember, if it is easier we can come to you at the table.

Accessing Audible Information

Accessing Audible Information
We are not in the position to offer sign language, but your server will be happy to spend the time needed with you so that you get what you want. Remember, if it is easier we can come to you at the table.