Camp Wildfire


One day, whilst musing on life and what made us happiest, we had an incredible idea! What if we could combine our love of adventure with the amazing times we'd had at festivals? Create a weekend for adults to be enchanted by adventures and parties as we had been, and go back to work on Monday feeling inspired by life... In January 2015 we started planning for the first edition to take place that summer! We made a website to try and explain this eccentric idea and somehow found 350 people that wanted to try it out with us (we love you crazy lot so much! ❤️) The UK's first Summer Camp for adults was born and we called it Camp Wildfire!
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  • Creadble access: NO
  • Creadble employer: NO

Access Card Notes

Access Cards accepted as proof of access needs. Cardholders with +1 are entitled to an essential companion ticket.

Contact details

Camp Wildfire Heritage Pine Forest, Knock Mill Lane, West Kingsdown, Sevenoaks, South East, TN15 6FP
Phone: 0333 050 6924

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
Camp Wildfire is held on a private woodland estate- much of the ground is flat and grassy, but the route from the campsite to the centre camp can get quite muddy- especially if the weather in the run up to the festival is quite wet, if it gets very muddy- mobility can become quite tricky in a wheelchair and there are no metal trackways or other routes into the main area.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
The campsite has wheelchair accessible unisex toilets, showers and fresh water points. These facilities are accessed using a radar key, which is held by the medical team who are located next to the campsite.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs
Assistance dogs are very welcome to attend. Please contact us to discuss this in advance at

Unfortunately, we are not able to allow any other pets on site.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
Access Card Holders with +1 symbol are entitled to an essential companion