Embody Tattoo


​We are striving to be one of the UK's first sustainable and inclusive custom tattoo studios as well as continuing in being Vegan friendly. We are committed to not excluding anyone from our studio where possible (limitations to age and well being do apply). We use 100% VEGAN inks. We understand that for some of our amazing clients this isn't an issue, but as more of you are becoming aware of certain sustainable and well-being issues related to animal welfare, we are also making a conscious effort to keep this planet a beautiful place to be. To go along with our inclusive inks, we also use a vegan friendly, not tested on animals, nickle and paraben free green soap to clean skin during the tattoo process. *UPDATE* We get asked a lot if we have vegan carbon paper and well YES we do! Our stencil primers are also suitable for vegans. Where possible we have swapped out to cruelty free cleaning products (we are committed to keeping up to and above hospital hygiene standards) and have found VIROKLENZ ​to be vegan and an environmentally conscious company. ​ OUR SUSTAINABLE COMMITMENTS: Our first priority was environmentally mindful clinical waste disposal. We have teamed up with Greener Options LTD, who have achieved a zero landfill waste policy, whilst prioritising safety and hygiene standards. We currently have two female resident artists - boo, a handpoke specialist, Filthy Bob a.k.a Lauren Houlihan, a neotraditonal and realism artist. Working part time with us we also have Gino Dartnall a Japanese specialist artist.
  • Creadble provider: NO
  • Creadble access: NO
  • Creadble employer: NO

Access Card Notes

10% Discount For Access Card Holders on their first Ink

Contact details

Embody Tattoo Unit 7, 1 Canal Street , Derby, East Midlands, DE1 2RJ
Phone: 01332 986920

Standing and Queueing

Seating avaliable upon request

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
There is currently a short ramp up to the door with a 3 inch lip at the top to navigate over. Staff will be happy to assist where necessary.

Short Distances

Short distance
There is free parking in front of our entrance off Siddals Road

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
We have toilet facilities available however, they are quite small, larger wheelchairs and powerchair would not be able to access them at this time.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs
We welcome Assistance Dogs

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
We welcome Essential companions