Gedling Country Park

Gedling Borough Council


  • Creadble provider: YES
  • Creadble access: YES
  • Creadble employer: NO

Contact details

Gedling Country Park Spring Lane, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, NG4 4PE

Standing and Queueing

Visitors with difficulty standing and queuing for any amount of time can let a staff member know and they will make sure to find you seating, a quiet space to wait or help you jump any queues

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
Fully accessible designated parking bays are available at the entrance to the visitor centre.
A modern Changing Places facility is available onsite.

Short Distances

Short distance
There are accessible parking bays a short distance from the entrance of the visitor centre.
There are recommended walking routes on site including one recommended for wheelchair users. Approaching this route anti clockwise may be best for those that would struggle to go up steeper inclines.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
There are accessible toilet facilities (RADAR Key operated) and a modern Changing Places facility is available onsite.
If you have urgent need for use of a toilet and are having difficulty with waiting during busy periods a member of staff will provide you with support to access the closest usable facility

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs
Assistance dogs are welcome on site in all areas of the centre. Fresh drinking water can be available and staff are able to find a quiet space for assistance dogs as well as spending areas.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
Customers requiring additional support from another person in order to be able to attend our Leisure Centres are welcome to bring an Essential Companion who will be entitled to free admission.
Customers may be asked to provide supporting information confirming the need for such support.

Accessing Visual Information

Accessing Visual Information
Written documents and information are available in alternative formats on request. Staff are always available and willing to provide additional support with accessing any form of visual information

Accessing Audible Information

Accessing Audible Information
Loop systems are available on site and staff are always willing and available to provide additional support where required.

Other Notes

Other Notes
Should you have any needs or questions about the facilities available at Gedling Country Park please feel free to get in touch.
Changing Places Facility on site