Greenbelt Festival


"Greenbelt is a festival of arts, faith and justice, which includes 19 stages, galleries, installations and outdoor performances."
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Access Card Notes

"Named & Famed! This venue has been highlighted by feedback from a current Access Card Holder who used their card to gain access or a discount. Information provided in this listing comes from the card holder and also is sourced directly from for the venues publicly available information. This is not a guarantee of any set service or policy this organisation might have."

Contact details

Greenbelt Festival The Nest, Church House, 86 Tavistock Place, London, London, WC1H 9RT
Phone: 0207 329 0038

Standing and Queueing

There is a taxi buggy that can take you from the car park to the campsite.

Short Distances

Short distance
There are allocated disabled parking spaces next to the Festival Box Office. Taxi-buggies are available from the Box Office down to the Festival Village entrance. In addition, there is a closer and more accessible camp located close to the Festival Village entrance. Tents

Our tented disabled campsite operates on the following ratios:

Up to 12 people including 1 disabled person.
Up to 18 people including 2 disabled people.
Up to 24 people including 3 disabled people. In order to stay at the accessible camp, visitors must complete an Access Form, prior to the event. It is noted that pre-booking does not guarantee a space in the accessible camp, but does tell Greenbelt how much space is required to plan for.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
Free companion tickets are available, provided there is proof of ID which includes the Access Card itself.

Accessing Visual Information

Accessing Visual Information
Greenbelt is able to provide electronic versions of the Daily Diary for the Greenbelt Festival, prior to the event. In order for this to happen, visitors must complete an Access Form, which can be found on the website. The Daily Diary can also be downloaded from the website. If visitors would like a paper copy of the diary, once at the festival, there is a charge of £5.

Accessing Audible Information

Accessing Audible Information
Greenbelt has 10 professional interpreters, most of whom are registered with NRCPD. In addition, Greenbelt also has deaf artists and speakers as well as workshop and worship events in sign language.

Other Notes

Other Notes
Greenbelt is able to offer a Thursday afternoon for early arrival to Access Customers. This allows people to rest or climatise before the start of the festival.