"Perlan is a world-class experience center where Iceland’s natural wonders come alive at your fingertips. You find perfect things to do in Reykjavík – before, after or instead of travelling to the countryside. There is also a lovely café, an excellent restaurant and a high-quality gift store."
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Access Card Notes

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Contact details

Perlan 105 Reykjavík, Reykjavík , Iceland, Non UK, 105

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
Perlan is wheelchair accessible. Perlan has one simple wheelchair which visitors can borrow. You can ask for it in the reception on arrival, or reserve it beforehand by email: or by phone: (+354) 566 9000. There are two lifts in the building. The Wonders of Iceland exhibition is wheelchair accessible, the ice cave as well. We have even had groups of people in wheelchairs at Perlan which have always had smooth and enjoyable visits.

Short Distances

Short distance
Perlan offers free parking right outside the building and two disabled parking spaces.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
There are two restrooms suitable for wheelchairs at Perlan. Both are accessible by the lifts; on floor -1 and floor 4.