Secret Access


"We are Secret Access and we are a revolution in providing bespoke, hidden and never before seen in the UK, access solutions for inaccessible places. You may think that revolution is a strong word but Secret Access will go that one stage further to redesign the landscape of inaccessible places so they will become a seamless integration of society. We offer a brand new generation of accessibility solutions: automatic or manual integrated permanent ramps or the lightest portable ramp on the market. All the solutions offer a new vision of accessibility. Visit our website and watch the photos and videos, they speak better than a thousand words."
  • Creadble provider: NO
  • Creadble access: NO
  • Creadble employer: NO

Access Card Notes

We don't offer your usual big metal or concrete ramp or the super-heavy (left in the cupboard) portable ramp. Our products are practical, easy to use and to top it all, they also look good. We are offering a 5% discount to all Access Card Holder.

Contact details

Secret Access Innovation Space, Halpern House, 1 Hampshire Terrace, Hampshire, Portsmouth, South East, PO1 2QF
Phone: 3337722012