Seed Festival


"With over 100 contributors, workshops, activities and exhibitions over the weekend, Hawkwood’s Seed Festival (Charity no. 311767) provides a fertile ground for festival-goers to explore their own personal connection to the earth and the challenges of environmental change through music, poetry, debate, nature and community connection."
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Access Card Notes

Access Card holders with +1 Symbol Entitled to a free essential companion ticket.

Contact details

Seed Festival Painswick Old Rd, Stroud, Gloucestershire, South West, GL6 7QW
Phone: 01453 759034 / 077347 11378

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
Most of the main site is on a slope and so is not easily accessible, even in good weather, by wheelchair or mobility scooter. In wet weather some areas do get muddy. We do our best to keep everyone moving, but do be aware that this is an open air event in a grassy field on a hillside and we cannot guarantee the ground conditions. Wheelchair and mobility scooter access is difficult across the whole site, due to the grass and slope, and we do not have any vehicles that we can lend out. If you can walk short distances but tire easily, you may want to consider bringing something which you can carry to sit on, if this is possible for you. If you use sticks or crutches consider how they will work in mud or soft ground, some people use special attachments to help with this.



The Seed stage is on the farm field near to the box office. The accessible camping area is as near to the Seed stage as possible where there is an accessible portaloo. We have chosen the flattest area of ground we can for the accessible camping area however please be aware that there is still a very slight gradient. You can drive to the accessible area and unload if you’re camping. If you have a camper van and you are registed disabled you can park your camper van in the accessible camping area. The distance from the accessible car park back to the accessible camping area is approx 7 minutes walk and we suggest going along the top drive towards the house and back along the lower drive to avoid the steep slope.

Please note that this is a very low key camping experience and there are no showers on site for any campers. If there is a medical reason you may need a shower please contact the Hawkwood office and we will make arrangements for you.


Please be aware that the house is situated up the tarmaced driveway about a 10 – 15 minute walk from the Seed stage. We recommend using the lower driveway to reach the house as this is less steep.

The ground floor of the house where events are taking place is fully accessible and there is an accessible toilet near to the Centre for Future Thinking Hall. Please see the site map.


The Woodland is difficult terrain, with narrow and uneven paths that go up and downhill. This area has areas of rough ground amongst the trees, which may cause difficulties for those with mobility impairment. Due to lack of vehicle access the only toilet in this area is the compost loo with steep steps by the Outdoor Classroom. The nearest accessible toilet is in the House, or on the campsite.
There are seats available around site and in most of the major venues.

Wheel chair access will be reserved at the two main venues – the Seed stage on the field and the Centre for Future Thinking hall in the house. Accessible routes will be marked on the field. Please do bring a chair if you need to sit for a performance in the Seed stage area. There are chairs in the Centre for Future thinking hall. If you need to confirm any details regarding this before arrival, please phone reception and ask to speak to Cathy on 01453 759034.

Short Distances

Short distance
Accessible parking is available in the Hawkwood car park rather than the adjacent field to the site. Please come to the main Hawkwood gate on B4070 and you will be shown where to go.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
We have an accessible toilet in the House, along with an accessible portaloo in the campsite near to the main stage. For locations see the map in your welcome pack.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
Free 'Essential Companion' tickets are available for Access Card Holders who have a '+1' symbol on their card. This ticket must be ordered over the phone, 9.30am – 6pm, please ask to speak with Cathy: 01453 759034. The Access Card must also be presented at the festival to gain entry.

Accessing Visual Information

Accessing Visual Information
We have large print versions of the site map and timetable available at the Hawkwood office.

Other Notes

Other Notes
If you need to recharge any wheelchairs or other accessibility and medical aids, please visit reception and someone will help. Unfortunately we are not able to provide recharging facilities in the accessible camping area as this is completely off grid – we will be looking at this for the future. We have a fridge if your medication needs to be kept chilled. If you need to confirm any details regarding this before arrival, please phone reception and ask to speak to Cathy on 01453 759034.

Seed Festival is generally a quiet festival, and there is a silent space in the Garden. However, we appreciate that some people might need a few moments to be completely separate from the rest of the festival. If this is the case for you, please come to reception and you can sit in one of our staff offices.