Shindig Festival


Kick start the summer at the Shindig Weekender in May, one of the country’s few genuinely ‘Boutique’ boutique festivals. No VIP tickets necessary as Shindiggers are all VIP and get to experience the acts up close and personal. That’s the beauty of Shindig; we made it for our friends to enjoy. And now five years later, their friends and their friends, friends are also loving it, and that’s the best way to build something wonderful and beautiful and happy. We’ve woven all the best bits we’ve experienced in our lives into a one weekend bag of laughs you won’t forget.
  • Creadble provider: NO
  • Creadble access: NO
  • Creadble employer: NO

Access Card Notes

Access Card Holders with +1 Symbol entitled to free companion Ticket

Contact details

Shindig Festival Gilcombe Farm, Brunton, Somerset, South West, BA10 0QE
Phone: 0161 813 2222

Short Distances

Short distance
Shindig Weekender is held at Gilcombe Farm, the farm is an active dairy farm so comes with all the challenges that farmland has in regards to uneven surfaces and moving around. We install temporary trackway into the majority of the site. There is trackway to within 50 metres of all the main venues but the final access will be across grass. The majority of the grounds are uneven, there are slopes, and a variety of different gradients. Access can be challenging at times, particularly in bad weather conditions. If it rains, it may get muddy and access around the site may become very difficult. We do not offer any internal transport due to the limitations of moving around the site. Anyone wishing to park in Accessible Parking has to notify us in advance so it can be booked in. Space is very limited.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
Accessible toilets will be provided. All accessible toilets will be padlocked and a code can be gained from our main on site Production Office or in advance via email correspondents. Please do not share the code or remove the padlocks for any reason, if they are removed, then they will become open for anyone to use.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
Customers requiring assistance throughout the festival are entitled to one free pass for their Personal Assistant. Please note that the customer requiring assistance must have proof of their ticket purchase . If you are unable to attend without use of a Personal Assistant, and are in receipt of one or more of the following, Shindig are happy to issue a Personal Assistant ticket at no additional cost:

Middle or Higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility
Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
Evidence of being severely sight impaired
CredAbility Access Card – + 1 category requirement