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" was launched in April 2014 with one key aim: to provide insurance products that allow people to live life confidently. Since launching, we’ve grown rapidly and continue to thrive. We are a dedicated team based in Hadleigh, Essex, all united by a passion to build trust, care, and fairness within the insurance sector."
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Manual and Electric wheelchair insurance With around 1.2 million Wheelchair users in the UK, whether that be due to injury or disability, we understand that the large majority will heavily depend on them in their day to day. Our Wheelchair Insurance covers you and your wheelchair against common faults and uncontrollable scenarios, protecting your ability and human right to stay mobile. Our policies protect a wide range of models; from electric powered wheelchairs to attendant-propelled & self-propelled manual wheelchairs, along with their accessories. Simply click on the link below to get a quote or call and speak to one of our call centers advisors on 01268 200020

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Sure Wise Limited - Manual and Electric wheelchair insurance Unit 3 Hadleigh Business Park, Chapel Lane, Benfleet, Essex, East of England, SS7 2PP
Phone: 01268 200020