Tivoli Gardens


"Tivoli is an amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark"
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Access Card Notes

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Tivoli Gardens Vesterbrogade 3, Copenhagen, Denmark, Non UK,

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
Accessibility to Tivoli's rides depends on two things:

1. Firstly, accessibility depends on whether a guest with a disability is able to get into the ride alone or with the help of a companion. Tivoli staff are not allowed to help to lift a disabled person. It is essential that in the case of a breakdown or evacuation from certain rides, the guest with a disability can climb out and leave the ride, either alone or with a companion.

2. Secondly, accessibility depends on the nature of the ride. Because of the powerful physical forces on passengers, some rides are unsuitable, for instance for wheelchair users, and this may similarly apply to guests with other health problems. If a guest is in doubt, please contact Tivoli staff for advice.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
There are toilet facilities for the disabled by Pantomimeteatret (the Pantomime Theatre), in the Family Amenity Centre (near the playground) and by the Glyptotek entrance. In addition to these, you can find toilets for the disabled in a number of the restaurants in the Gardens and in Glassalen (the Glass Hall Theatre) and Koncertsalen (the Concert Hall).

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs
Naturally, blind and partially sighted people are allowed to take their guide dogs or service dogs with them into Tivoli. It is not necessary to contact Tivoli before your visit.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
Tivoli run an essential companion scheme.

The way the scheme works is that guests with a disability, pay for admission and access to the rides on an equal basis with other Tivoli guests.

A companion to a disabled person may subsequently be given a free Multi-ride ticket at the entrances on showing a companion card of the Danish Association of the Blind. Companion cards and children's companion cards are administered by the Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark User services (Dansk Handicaporganisationers Brugerservice).