Waterside Therapy


A beauty salon overlooking a lake, offering all beauty and holistic treatments.
  • Creadble provider: NO
  • Creadble access: NO
  • Creadble employer: NO

Access Card Notes

A 10% discount on all treatments and the option to enter the salon through the treatment rooms rather than the main reception to ease any anxiety or fears.

Contact details

Waterside Therapy The Island, Hardwick, Witney, West Oxfordshire, South East, OX29 7QF
Phone: 01865 301501

Standing and Queueing

Can gain entry immediately with no standing or queuing required.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
Not wheelchair accessible- 2 steps up to enter.

Short Distances

Short distance
Parking available right next to the building.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
Toilet is very accessible.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
Carers/Essential Companions are able to accompany.