Windsor Castle

Royal Collection


Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. It has been the family home of British kings and queens for almost 1,000 years and is an official residence of Her Majesty The Queen.
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Access Card Notes

We offer a concession ticket and complimentary access companion ticket for disabled visitors. No proof of disability or need is required. For D/deaf and hard of hearing visitors we run regular BSL tours throughout the year and a Plain English script of our audio tour is available to borrow. Blind & partially-sighted visitors can take a descriptive audio guide or pre-book a descriptive tour with a Vocaleyes trained guide. We are fully wheelchair accessible and assistance animals are welcome

Contact details

Windsor Castle Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, South East, SL4 1NJ
Phone: 0303 123 7324

Standing and Queueing

During the summer and Christmas period it can get very busy in the Admission Centre. Any visitors who have difficult standing or queuing should speak to a member of staff in the Admission Centre who will aim to provide seating or offer fast-track admission where possible.

Seating is provided in the precincts, State Apartments and St George's Chapel. Additional seating is always available upon request.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access
The Castle is completely wheelchair accessible although long distances have to be covered on site and the Castle is situated at the top of a steep hill.

A complimentary access companion ticket is available.

Lifts inside the Castle require the assistance of warden staff as they are off the main visitor route.

Short Distances

Short distance
Long distances have to be covered on site. Bench seating is available at regular intervals in the precincts.

In extreme cases a golf buggy is available to transport visitors who cannot manage long distances.

Access To Toilets

Access To Toilets
Accessible toilets are available once visitors have passed through the Admission Centre, before you enter the State Apartments and once you have exited.

Staff are happy to escort visitors out of the State Apartments, via the quickest route, if needed

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs
There are several grassed areas in the precincts and a water bowl is available upon request.

Essential Companions

Essential Companions
We offer a complimentary access companion ticket.

Accessing Visual Information

Accessing Visual Information
Staff are happy to help any visitor who requires assistance.

We have a descriptive version of our audio tour.

Accessing Audible Information

Accessing Audible Information
We run regular BSL tours throughout the year.

A Plain English version of our audio script is available to borrow.